Portrait of a Community in Quarantine

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When the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order landed on Los Angeles in March 2020, professional photographer Innis Casey grabbed his camera and began snapping portraits through the windows of his quarantined neighbors. He dubbed these images ‘quartraits’ and before long, he was booked seven days a week, shooting pictures of families, artists, professionals, and even some celebrities such as Danny Trejo, Brad Garrett, Kate del Castillo, and “Weird Al” Yankovic.

These quartraits, it turned out, were not just mementos, they were also time capsules marking an unprecedented moment in our collective history. Curious to know more about those he captured in his viewfinder, Innis asked his sister, travel journalist Kimberley Lovato, to dig deeper into their personal journeys.

What bubbled to the surface were stories of uncertainty, struggle, and loss alongside tales laced with perseverance, humor, and compassion. From being quarantined with an Airbnb guest and the heartbreak of having to say goodbye to a loved one to packing lunches for the homeless and transforming a backyard into Paris for a neighbor’s 50th birthday, this collection of stunning portraits and poignant reflections is Quartraits: Portrait of a Community in Quarantine, a gorgeous photo book and treasured keepsake to share with future generations. *Most recently Quartraits was a nationwide finalist for the Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

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